5 Interesting Facts About Morganite

5 Interesting Facts About Morganite

1. The J.P. Morgan Connection

The raw form of morganite was first found in 1910 in Madagascar. This gem was named ‘morganite’ to honor the legendary American banker J.P. Morgan for his notable contribution of gemstones to the American Museum of Natural History.

2. A Subtle Hue that Enchants

Morganite is most coveted for its delightful hue that ranges from pink to orange-pink. This pleasing color is caused by traces of manganese. Intense pinks in morganite are extremely rare. Only the larger crystals come in intense to magenta pink hues. These are considered as the most valuable morganites. The softer hues of pastel pink to purplish pink (rose), yellowish pink (peach) and orangish pink (salmon) are more commonly found. Another mind-blowing fact about this appealing gem is the intense red-hued fluorescence it exhibits when exposed to X-rays.

3. The Rose of Maine

The largest specimen of Morganite was discovered on October 7th, 1989 in the Bennet Quarry of Buckfield, Maine. It was pinkish-orange in color and weighed more than 50 pounds. The 30 cm wide stone, originally valued at more than $1 million, was called ‘The Rose of Maine’. One of the pieces of this shattered gigantic crystal is now displayed at the Mineralogical and Geological Museum at the University of Harvard. It sits next to the magnificent 7cm wide Morganite crystal.

4. Sources of Morganite

Minas Gerais in Brazil is a major source of morganite. It is also mined in small quantities in Namibia, Afghanistan, Mozambique and the USA. Although the original deposit in Madagascar is only a minor producer today, it still sets the benchmark for the best quality. The rough magenta-hued stones from this mine score above crystals from all other sources.

5. Bountiful Benefits

Morganite is believed to encourage fairness towards others. This delicate pink stone is especially effective for those suffering from emotional issues. Its soothing energy helps relieve stress and anxiety. This pretty pink gem is known for improving communication by elevating your ability to empathize.

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