• “I have found the marketing platform that I’ve been searching for to help me create an online business so that I can help others, support my family and become the entrepreneur that I want to be.”

  • We've been in the car rental business before.... And CFF is very similar. Rent 20 cars per week is a lot of work. Find 20 friends who want a new car for free. A lot easier.

Why 99% of People Fail in Network Marketing?

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Have you ever seen a 3x3x3x3x3x3x3x pyramid? it does not work. 75% give up since they must have 10,000 people to reach the goal. Here you need 3+ people, that's all.

Why CFF is simple and works ?

Because what you really want is the money and the car, not trying to sell 30 starter packs...am I right?

Nowadays we need Influencer Marketing

We will show you how to get your first customers on facebook, instagram and tictoc with influencer ads. Reach thousand of peoples for a couple bucks.

Receive $900 each month to pay for your new car !

$900 for 3 subscribers - then if you want more to pay the insurance, tires, and gas for road trip.... duplicate what you did and continu growing your revenue

45 days trial...

We like when its free to start ...

It's easier to sell something expensive rather than something cheap.

Now, this is important because too many people think they need to offer the lowest price or give significant discounts to get deals, but the opposite is true.